Support our library! Buy one (or two) of our shirts!


Exciting news for all book and library lovers! Just in time for cold weather (yes, it is coming soon!), we now offer sweatshirts, hoodies, and long and short sleeve t-shirts for sale.
You can choose from three different designs and a variety of colors in adult and kids’ sizes. You can place your order online (preferred) or in-person at the library. We will have a few samples available at the library if you are not sure about what sizes and styles you prefer.
The online shop will close Sunday, October 23.
Thank you so much for supporting our library!
Be happy and read books!
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We want to remind everyone that despite the renovation, the Library is open with the regular hours 10-1 & 3-6 Monday – Friday and Saturday 10 – 1 pm. Our stacks and checkout area are located downstairs of the library. Even if our lights are turned off upstairs, you can still find us by entering through Ivory Street entrance and walking down the stairs.
Our holiday closing hours will be:

12/24 – 01/01 – Christmas break

Library renovation

It is our great pleasure to announce that our library has received the State Construction Grant to finance the complete remodel of our upper floor. The renovation will include a new upstairs bathroom, a new septic system , a new staircase to access the attic area, as well as new furniture and an overall remodel of the space. We are so excited for all the improvements to come. Our renovation will start this late fall. Stay tuned for possible temporary closings or hour changes. We hope to welcome you in the new space in 2022. New library for a new year!