In the early days of Frewsburg Study Club, the need for a public library was discussed. In December, 1921 members of the club approached the Town of Carroll Board with a suggestion that a library be organized. They found an available room in the rear of the Town Hall, which had formerly been a jail and was heated by a small oil stove. The town was canvassed for donations of books, lumber and labor to build shelves. Residents were invited to join the library with membership dues set at one dollar a year. From persons who had joined, a nine member board was appointed. Mrs. Alice Baldwin, one of the Study Club members who was instrumental in getting the library started was elected President, and served in that capacity until her death in 1944. The Carroll Free Library, as it was then called, was given a provisional charter by the Regents of the State University of New York on June 27, 1922. On February 25, 1923 the Regents gave the library a certificate of registration.

Miss Lydia Myers, a local resident, was always very interested in the library, and on her death in 1928, her will made possible the construction of our present library building. It opened in July, 1930 and was a memorial to her brother, James J. Myers, a Frewsburg native who became a prominent lawyer and served a term as Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Myers Memorial Library was chartered on September 18, 1930. Portraits of Lydia and James Myers and Alice Baldwin hang over the librarian’s desk.

For the first 17 years the library was staffed by Mary White and Jennie Venman, who were paid a nominal amount for their services. Since that time a regular librarian has been employed. The library now employs a full-time librarian and three part-time aides. Our library is an association library, which means that it was established by a group of individuals as an association, closed corporation or as trustees under a will, deed or trust. This is contrast to a public library, which is established by official action of a local government legislative body, Town or Village Board. Any resident can be an association member by paying $1 dues. This allows one to vote at the annual meeting.

There are nine board members elected to alternating three-year terms at the annual association meeting. These trustees are responsible to the association membership and the Board of Regents. The Trustees meet 6 times yearly.

Through generous donations from patrons throughout the community, money was raised to construct a new side entrance with remodeled foyer and elevator. In the late summer of 2004 this addition was completed and was celebrated on September 16, 2004 with a Ribbon Cutting followed by an Open House.

Further renovations are being planned for the near future as fund raising continues. Contributions are always welcome.